Requesting support is painless. At Trahan IT Services support is engaged with just a few clicks, phone call or email. Our 24/7/365 system monitoring ensures uptime, recoverability and security for any connected system.

A core of our support services are automated and typically solve a problem before it has been noticed. Printing problems, annoying pop-ups and data access issues are a thing of the past for our clients.

Access to data from just about anywhere is no longer just an option, it’s a growing necessity for businesses in all industries. Our file sharing and synchronization service puts our clients in control and when, where and how they can access their information. Collaboration, security and ease of use just some of the key features of our US cloud-based data offerings. Data can be accessed on a Windows, MacOS, Linux, Apple iOS and Android device – simultaneously and even when there’s no internet connection.

Our services are priced per system, project or support needs with little or no commitment. We offer our clients a predictable support budget that enables them to remain focused on their businesses.

All client relationships are our priority. We conduct annual reviews to ensure client profitability remains intact by forecasting service upgrades, downgrades and hardware replacements.

Our managed service offerings include electronic security. Home and office automation products are an amenity that should always be secure. Thorough reviews of online televisions, appliances and monitors is strongly recommended to minimize chances of intrusion. Outdated firmware and missing updates can make your home or office vulnerable to attack.