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Reliable IT support

Are you looking for continued IT support or IT emergency services? Get affordable and comprehensive support for your business projects, help desk support, data backup, security reviews, compliance implementation, and business continuity. Speak to our friendly and professional staff, today.

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  • Incidental support

  • Month-to-month support

  • Business continuity support

  • Prepaid support

  • Consulting services

  • Network services

  • System procurement

Benefit from our software support

Can your company afford to lose (or afford to re-enter) two hours of data or even less? Our software can also help you with your Business’s Recovery Point objective (RPO, the maximum amount of data over time that might be lost).


  • Rapidly access individual data files and folders

  • Restore to the same or different hardware or a virtual environment in a matter of minutes

  • Boot a backup image as a virtual machine (VM) for a quick, temporary fix

Data backup and recovery services

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Our software helps security and support professionals improve business performance by enabling secure, controlled access to nearly any device or system, anywhere in the world. With Bomgar, your support representatives can access, diagnose, and fix remote computers as well as mobile devices. We're dedicated to resolving your problem without multiple iterations.


  • Remote support and online presentation

  • 24/7 access to remote desktops and servers

  • ITSM, ticketing, and CRM Integration

  • Chat, screen sharing, surveys, and more

Bomgar Remote Support Software


Benefit from 24/7 disaster recovery support and comprehensive system assessments from Trahan Corporation of Baltimore, MD.