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Secure cloud services

Our cloud services enable your team to achieve more through information technology. You can stay on task and access critical business information anywhere and anytime. Our services include hosted exchange, offsite data backup, and VPN access.

Hologram Cloud
  • Full visibility of your IT assets and pinpoint areas for action

  • Automate deployment of software, pages and configuration regardless of device location, domain or network

  • Implement system-wide monitoring policies with auto response, auto-resolution and dashboard and email alerts

  • Provide instant one-to-one support with built-in audit trail and ticketing

  • Wide array of easy-to-read reports

Endpoint management

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Get 24/7 monitoring and management to ensure all your devices are running and productive. We also work with associated vendors and carriers to obtain the best plan for your organization.


All our remote support communications are fully secure and encrypted. We have built-in dashboards for monitoring service delivery and service level agreements (SLAs).

Automated IT management

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Our clients enjoy the benefit of having their documents available (and editable) from any compatible connected workstation, laptop or mobile device. Stored documents can be edited on any platform which is beneficial for operations that have a mix of Windows and Mac operating systems. Our cloud-based services can function in place of traditional servers that enable individuals and businesses to operate seamlessly between headquarters, mobile devices and additional locations without the need of costly VPN services.


Our cloud storage offering provides service with no file size limit, no file type limitation and ransomware protection. Data backups are versioned and can be restored within minutes at any internet-connected location. Each connected device has a local copy of selected projects that can be edited without an internet connection and any changes are synchronized to the cloud once the workstation / device is reconnected to the internet.


Our cloud storage service also provides branded and encrypted file sharing services for third-parties. This is ideal for delivery of large files or secure transfers. The shared file recipient can access the file from a customer-branded portal (with logo and photos) with view only or download permissions. Clients can track access history which includes geographic location, IP address, date and times.


Cloud Storage With File Sharing & Synchronization